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Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of life. The first time home buyers do not know much about the financial budgeting, mortgage, taxes and other transactions to be done during the process. We serve to handle all your concerns for buying a home as a new homebuyer and make your experience stress-free.

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Financial budgeting and home search are the two main factors when you decide to buy your own new home. Applying for mortgage is very helpful when it comes to deciding the budget.  The mortgage companies keep in view that your home debt is about 32% or less than that with an overall debt of no more than 40% of your income. So, you need to manage your finances accordingly. Second thing is the home search. There are various options available in the real estate market. Each option comes with its own unique features and perks. Moharam Real Estate Group has made the home search for new home buyers much easier by providing the complete information about different neighbourhoods and the detailed listing for all the houses for sale in Ottawa.Now, you can easily narrow down your options and select the most suitable one for you.

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When you are going to buy a home, it’s worth considering that whether the new home fulfills your family requirements or not? Like how many bedrooms do you need? How large should be the lounge area? Do you desire to have a lawn? and many other home features that you should consider before buying a new home for yourself and your family. Decorating the home, painting the walls, furniture etc are the secondary things to be considered. 

buy sell rent house or property in Ottawa
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