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Home Staging

Home staging is a method used for preparing a property for sale so it appeals the buyers by showcasing property’s best assets. This process of home staging makes your house prepared for sale on the real estate marketplace. It impresses the potential buyers and helps to get the best possible offer.

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Why Staging

Potential buyers are not only hoping for a structure to inhabit but they also want to do less amount of work upon moving into the home. So, make your home look like their dream home which can also improve their lifestyle. Here, home staging is very important. For every problem, the buyers see, they deduct cost from their offering price. Moreover, if they see a lot of issues they may skip your house altogether.

Staging Process

Home staging converts the selling into more of an emotional purchase for the buyer, ultimately generating more money for the seller.

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Clean and Declutter

A clean and decluttered home shows that you have taken care of the home and it diverts the attention towards the attractive assets.

buy sell rent house or property in Ottawa

Focus on fresh

Make your home look fresh and inviting by upgrading wallpapers, flooring, lighting, furniture, walls and ceiling, bathrooms etc.

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Create heavy impact on buyer’s first impression by staging exterior and entrance of the house which also factors into home’s curb appeal.

buy sell rent house or property in Ottawa

Final Touches

Maximize the impact with the last-minute touches like putting fresh flowers in vases, letting fresh air into the house, spraying soft subtle fragrances etc

Staging Benefit

Sell your home faster and with a better value

The home can be well advertised after home staging

Creates good first impression on the potential buyers

Gets better offers and minimizes the risk of low-ball offers

Hiring a professional home stager

To get rid of emotional preferences and personal tastes, hiring a professional home stager is very important. Whether your house is furnished or vacant, our professional home stagers will work by keeping in view the market’s preferences regarding furniture, colors, walls, accessories, lighting etc.

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