Houses In Glebe


Glebe is a historic and eclectic neighbourhood scattered with locally-owned shops, boutiques and cafés. Starting at Bank Street’s bustling avenue, the streets are lined with a mix of high-end restaurants, trendy bars and antique stores. As you stroll along, pop in and out of the unique, locally-owned shops full of treasures.


Ottawa is famous for unique architecture and broad streets and a lot of bridges.. Centred around a small village in the nineteenth century, The Glebe has evolved into today’s vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood. As a result, the Glebe stands out as a great neighbourhood to call home.

Why Glebe houses?

Glebe is the most beautiful neighbourhood having tree-lined streets and ancient homes. The area is just south of Downtown Ottawa and an easy walk or bus ride to the city core, making it ideal for those who like to have everything close by but still want some peace. The Glebe is a highly sought-after area of Ottawa that affords residents an array of dining, shopping and entertainment options. In addition, the park and on-site historic buildings like Aberdeen Pavilion attract events and festivals like Westboro