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Houses In West Centre Town


Centretown West is a lively and most desired neighbourhood in the heart of the Capital Region. Its civic geography, distinctive characters of Chinatown and Little Italy and outstanding location make this community desirable. You ’ll find affordable homes close to great shops, dining places , transport, and more in this area.


Centretown West is home to Ottawa’s Chinatown and Little Italy. It comprises primarily domestic and light artificial properties, with a large Italian population in the Little Italy quarter. The area runs from Bronson Avenue to Preston Street, along Somerset Street West( although the ultimate part of Somerset St West also has numerous Chinese businesses). Centre Town West primarily comprises less dense domestic homes and some artificial industries along its Eastern border, which used to house a rail yard.

Why Centretown West houses?

Centretown West has come a significant hub of trendy food places and increasingly dynamic art and entertainment quarter. There's commodity for everyone, with numerous new restaurants , bars, cafes and shop. This vibrant neighbourhood offers a rich blend of societies, food and shops like no other community in Ottawa. Anticipate to find Vietnamese pho joints, Chinese bakeries, South Asian grocery stores and Italian coffee bars, trendy food exchanges and road art showpieces.
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